"Russian Wedding", Museum of Moscow

"Faces of Russia",Music apartment on Tverskaya

"Our Pushkin",Music apartment on Tverskaya

"Down the Volga region", Music apartment on Tverskaya

"Road of Victory",Music apartment on Tverskaya

"Time of heroes"(participation),Moscow House of Nationalities

"Love images of Russian villages", Mosconcert Hall

"Love images of Russian villages", Mosconcert Hall

"Love images of Russian villages",Music apartment on Tverskaya

"Fly you, larks!" Music apartment on Tverskaya

"Song of circle dance", Music apartment on Tverskaya

"We're children of Russia" Festival(participation), Gorbunov culter cenyer

"Night dances",Premiere, Mosconcert Hall

Days of Traditional Culture Festival (participation), Mosconcert Hall

"Man lives as a grass grows",Music apartment on Tverskaya, Moscow

"Happy Maslenitsa", Moscow International House of Music

"Happy Maslenitsa"(fragment), "Russia" exibition, VDNKH

"Maslenka, give me a pancake!", Integration-XXI century school, Moscow

"Maslenka, give me a pancake!", Integration-XXI century school

"Happy Maslenitsa", Music apartment on Tverskaya, Moscow

"Cock-and-bull stories", Severny Culture center,Moscow

"Happy Maslenitsa", VDNKH,"Russia" exibition

"Vivat Russia!", Music apartment on Tverskaya, Moscow

"From folklore to avant-garde",VDNKH,"Russia" exibition

"Cock-and-bull stories",Musical apartment on Tverskya,Moscow

"Paraskazki" Culture center Severny, moscow

"Faces of Russia",VDNKH,"Russia" exibition

"Cock-and-bull stories", VDNKH,"Russia" exibition

"Our Pushkin", VDNKH,"Russia" exibition,

"Paraskazki", Music apartment on Tverskaya 

"Cat's lullabies", Culture center Severny,Moscow

"Cat's lullabies",Music apartment on Tverskaya, Moscow 

"Cat's lullabies","Integration-XXI century",Moscow

"Kolyada's came",Music apartment on Tverskaya, Moscow

"Russian Christmas",Music apartment on Tverskaya, Moscow

Russian Christmas master-class,"Knoweledge"Society, VDNKH


"Night dances"(Premiere),Moscow House of Composers

"Love images of Russian villages", "Rublyovo" Culture center, Moscow

"Paraskazki", "Integration-XXI century" School, Moscow

"Wind of Revolution",Music apartment on Tverskaya, Moscow

"Faith, Hope, Love"-participation in concert, Mosconcert-Hall

"Paraskazki", "Integration-XXI century" School,Moscow

"Vivat Russia!", Petrovsky Royal Palace, Moscow

"Vivat Russia!", Petrovsky Road Palace, Moscow

"Harvest", Booking art-shop Gyperion, Moscow

"Harvest", Music apartment on Tverskaya, Moscow

"Russian wedding" , Music apartment on Tverskaya, Moscow

"Faces of Russia", Music apartment on Tverskaya, Moscow

"Faces of Russia", "From East to West" Festival, Kurgan

"Faces of Russia", Mosconcert

"Faces of Russia", Moscow Prokofiev Museum

"Our Pushkin", Mosconcert

"From folklore to avant-garde", yubilee concert, Moscow House of Composers

"Holy Book", Mosconcert

"Oh you Victory road", Mosconcert

"Vivat Russia!"School "Integration-XXI century",Moscow

"Paraskazki",School "Integration-XXI century",Moscow

"Man lives as a grass grows", Mosconcert

"Love images of Russian villages",Mosconcert

"Song of circle dance", Mosconcert

"Fly you, larks!" Museum of Tchaikovsky, Moscow

"Fly you, larks!" School "Integration-XXI century",Moscow

"Fly you, larks!", Mosconcert

"Cat's lullabies", Center of Culture and sports, Moscow

"Love images of Russian villages", Mosconcert

"Happy Maslenitsa", Gogol's House, Moscow

"Happy Maslenitsa", Moscow House of Music

"Maslenka, give me a pancake!", Mosconcert

"Happy Maslenitsa", Mosconcert

"Cock-and-bull stories",Center of culture and sport in Chertanovo, Moscow

"From folklore to avantgarde", Yubilee concert in Moscow State conservatory

"Faces of Russia", Mosconcert

"Paraskazki",Center of sport and arts,Moscow

Sviridov's Art expedition- Master-class and concert, School 123, Moscow

"Russian Christmas",Mosconcert 

"Kolyada's came", "Integration-XXI century" School

"Kolyada's came",Mosconcert


"Songs of Russia"(participation), Barybino,Moscow region

"Russian Christmas", Mosconcert

"Romance in letters", Mosconcert

"Romance in letters", "Integration-XXI century"School,Moscow

"Romance in letters",House of Gogol,Moscow

"Songs of Russia",Philharmonic of  Nizhniy Novgorod

"Movie-worlds of Edward Artemyev"(participation), Kremlin Palace of Congresses,Moscow

"Peter Te Great's heirs"(participation), Central Army House

Edward Atremyev's yubilee consert (participation), Kremlin State Palace

"Cat's lullabies", Mosconcert

"Cock-and-bull stories",Mosconcert

"Folk fusion",Tutti festival, Mosconcert(participation)

"Wind of Revolution",Mosconcert

"Paraskazki", Mosconcert

"Vivat Russia!", Mosconcert

"Our Pushkin", Mosconcert

"Harvest", Mosconcert

"Russian wedding", Mosconcert


"Harvest", "Integration-XXI century" School, Moscow

'"Faces of Russia", Mosconcert

"Our Pushkin" State Pushkin Museum, Moscow

"Faces of Russia",House of Gogol, Moscow

"Faces of Russia","Savior-on-Ugreshe" Festival, Dzerzhinsky, Moscow region

"Faces of Russia",Mosconcert

"Vivat Russia!","Kremlin meetings" Festival, Ryazan'

"Vivat Russia!", Gogol's House,Moscow

"Our Pushkin",Mosconcert

"Love images of Russian villages",Mosconcert

"Holy Book", Mosconcert

"Oh,you front-line path",Mosconcert

"Chant of circle dance", Mosconcert

"Remember you in our songs",Mosconcert

 "Man lives as a grass grows",Mosconcert

"Fly you,larks!",Mosconcert

"Down the Volga-river", Mosconcert

"Maslenka,give me a pancake",Mosconcert

"Happy Oil-week Maslenitsa",Mosconcert

"Maslenka,give me a pancake", "Integration- XXI century school",Moscow

"Man lives as a grass grows", St.Cosmas and Damian Church, Moscow region

"Russian wedding",Mosconcert

"Love images of Russian villages", Mosconcert

"Mermaid"(participation) Moscow conservatory Rachmaninoff Hall

"Our Pushkin",Mosconcert

"Our Pushkin","Integration XXI century" School,Moscow


"Russian Christmas",Mosconcert

"Russian Christmas",Mosconcert

"Kolyada came","Integration-XXI century"School(middle grades),Moscow

"Kolyada came,"Integration-XXI century "School (small grades),Moscow

"Kolyada came",Mosconcert


"Love images of Russian villages", Mosconcert

"Romance in letters", Mosconcert


"Songs of front roads",Mosconcert

"Cat's lullabies",Mosconcert

"Wind of revolution",Mosconcert

"Folk transformations"(participation),Mosconcert

"Harwest time", "Integration-XXI century" school, Moscow

"Cock-and-bull stories", Mosconcert

"Vivat Russia!", Mosconcert

"Harwest time",Mosconcert

"Russian wedding",Mosconcert

"Faces of Russa",Mosconcert

"Anatomy of one masterpiece"(participation),Moscow State Conservatory

"Faces of Russia",Mosconcert

"Roads of Victory",Mosconcert

"Remember you in our songs",Mosconcert

"Composers and folklore"(Premiere),Mosconcert

"Our Pushkin",Mosconcert

"Love images of Russian vilages" ,Mosconcert

"Roads of Victory" (Premiere),Mosconcert

"Faces of Russia",Mosconcert

"Chant of circle dance",Mosconcert

"Fly you,larks!", Mosconcert

"Man lives as a grass grows",Mosconcert

"Maslenka give me a cake!",Mosconcert

"Happy Oil-week",Mosconcert

:"Love images of Russian villages",Mosconcert

"Paraskazki", Mosconcert

"Our Pushkin",Mosconcert

"Holy Book",Mosconcert

"Russian Christmas"?Mosconcert

"Kolyada's come!",Mosconcert

"Christmas romance evenings"(participation),Mosconcert


"Russian Christmas",Mosconcert

"Romance in letters",Mosconcert

"Word about Prince Igor' regiment"Abyazov-Festival,Kazan

"Songs of front roads",Mosconcert


"Man lives as the grass grows",Mosconcert

"Wind of Revolution",Mosconcert

"Russian wedding", Mosconcert

"Maslenka,give me a pancake!",Mosconcert

"Happy Oil -week Maslenitsa",Mosconcert

"Happy Oil- week Maslenitsa", Moscow house of nations

"Love images of Russian villages",Mosconcert

"Our Pushkin"S.Andriyaka's aquarelle school,Moscow

"Our Pushkin",Mosconcert

"Russian Christmas", Mosconsert

"Kolyada has came", Integration-XXI century school, Moscow

"Russian Christmas", Andriyaka's aquarelle Art-school,Moscow

"Kolyada has came", Mosconcert


"Russian Christmas",Mosconcert

"Romance in letters",Mosconcert

"Yuri Lubimov.XXI century"Moscow conservatoire's  Rakhmaninov Hall

"Modern composers for Pokrovsky Ensemble", "Moscow Autumn"Festival, Moscow House of composers


"Harvest festival",Mosconsert

"Wind of Revolution",Mosconcert

"Cat lullabies",Mosconcert


Russia Youth Forum "Future"(participation),Columned House of Unions,Moscow

"From Romeo to Zhivago" State A.Pushkin Museum, Moscow

"Mosconcert NonStop"


"Russian wedding",Mosconcert

"Russia-China"Festival, VDNKH (participation)

"Moscow is in my heart", State Concert hall "Rossiya"(participation)

Day of Moscow, Poklonnaya gora(participation)

"Songs of movies"(participation),Mosconcert

"What  a nice thing  the balalaika is!"(participation), "Zaryadye" Park

"Love images of Russian villages", Mosconcert

 L.Desyatnikov "Pinezhskoye skazanie"(participation), Red Square Book Festival

"Our Pushkin", Mosconcert

"Paraskazki", Mosconcert

"Singing meadow"Open choir fesriva l(participation), Moscow Kuskovo Palace

"Faces of Russia"?"Live antiquity"Festival, Kommunarka region

"Chant of circle dance", Mosconcert

"Easter meetings" (participation) , Russian Culture Foundation

Concert to the Victory Day  at Poklonnaya gora(participation)

"We'll  remember you in our songs", Mosconcert

"Flowers of Victory"(paricipation) State "Rossiya" Hall,

Yubilee concert of V.Voronina(participation), Folk center of Ryumina

"Faces of Russia",Mosconcert

"Dmitri Pokrovsky Memorium", Mosconcert

"Faces of Russia", Mosconcert

"Come you, larks!",Mosconcert

"Man lives as a grass grows", Mosconcert

"Without Him but with Him", State Pushkin Museum

Presentation of I. Uvarova's book(participation), State Theater Museum, Moscow

Concert and workshop for education project "Time to fly", Vorobyovy gory hall, Moscow 

"Happy Oil-week", Mosconcert

"Happy Oil-week Maslenitsa", Mosconcert

"Happy Oil-week", "Integration-XXI century" School

"Love images of Russian villages"(from limerick to romance),Mosconcert

"Our Pushkin","Integration -XXI century" School, Moscow

"Our Pushkin",Mosconcert

"Kolyada has come","Integration-XXI century" School,Moscow

"Kolyada has come",Mosconcert

"Russian Christmas",Mosconcert



"Faces of Russia", Kurgan philharmonic

"Remember you in songs", Mosconcert

"Faces of Russia", Perm, Gubernia center, festival"Live thread"

"Cat's lullabies",Mosconcert

"Wind of Revolution",Mosconcert

Concert dedicated to F.Shalyapin (participation), Mosconcert

"Mountains and plains", Cathedral of st. Peter and Paul,Moscow

"Cock-and-bull stories",Mosconcert

"Vivat Russia!",Mosconcert

"Russian wedding", Mosconcert

"Romance in letters", Mosconcert

Mosconcert- Gala

"Samovar" Festival, Moscow,Poklonnaya gora

"Our Pushkin", Mosconcert

"Faces of Russia", Mosconcert

Concert to the Victory Day (participation), Poklonnaya gora

Concert to The Victory Day(participation),Music Stanislavsky and Nemirovich                                                                                                       theater

"Victory is one for all" ( participation), State Concert Hall "Russia"

"In May my heart hesitates" (participation), Folk center by Ryumina

 Stravinsky "Les Noces",Benaroya Hall, Seattle, USA

 Nikolayev "Ulari udila", Raskatov "Voices of Frozen Land", Benaroya Hall, Seattle, USA

"Paraskazki", Mocow State Philharmonic-2, Small hall

"Holy book", Mosconcert

"Faces of Russia", Tatar State Conservatoire, Kazan

"Come you,Larks!", Mosconcert


"Down the Volga River",Mosconcert

"Happy Oil-Week",Mosconcert

"Happy Oil-Week",Mosconcert

"Cat lullabies", Mosconcert

"Romance in letter" Moscow "Integration-XXI century" school,

"Russian Christmas" ,Mosconcert

"Cat's lullabies", Moscow Philharmonic-2, Small Hall

"Russian Christmas", Mosconcert


"Russian Christmas" ,Mosconcert

"Wind of the revolution"(Premiere) ,Mosconcert

"Love images of Russian villages",Mosconcert

"Romance in letters",Mosconcert

"Remember you in our songs",Mosconcert

The closing of the Festival "Radiant angel"(participation),Moscow,  "Tula" cinema center

"Let's go my friend to kolkhoz!" "Moscow autumn" festival, Moscow State Conservatoire, Rakhmaninov hall

"Coock-and-bull stories",Mosconcert

"Vivat, Russia!" 'Integration-XXI century"school,Moscow

"Vivat,Russia!" Mosconcert

"Cock-and bull stories" Moscow Philharmonic-2

"Faith,Hope,Love" (participation) Moscow Music Hall

"Russian Wedding",Mosconcert

"Song of Songs by Yuri Lubimov", Museum of Moscow

Day of Moscow, Park Pechatniki

Day of Moscow, Kuskovo Palace,

"Tradition" Festival in Pushkin's museum in Zakharovo 

"Russia" Festival in Kolomenskoye,Moscow

XII-th "Vera" International Award, Moscow House of Music, Chamber Hall (participation)

"Our Pushkin", Mosconcert

Literature and art event " Yuri Lubimov.My Pushkin"(participation), State Pushkin Museum

Red Square Festival "Books of Russia", "Song of Songs by Yuri Lubimov",Moscow

Festival of Russian traditional singing in Seraphim of Sarov's Cathedral in Rayevo, Moscow

"Love images of Russian villages" Mosconcert

Gala concert in honor of Victory Day at the Cathedral of Christ The Savior(participation)

"Heirs of Victory"(participation) State central concert "Rossia" Hall

"XI Festival of rhythmic gymnastics "Alina 2017"(participation)State central concert "Rossia" Hall

"Come you, larks!" Moscow Philharmonic

"Song of circle dance", Mosconcert

"Songs of Great Fast" Mosconcert

"Happy Oli-Week" Moscow State Philharmonic Chamber Hall

"Soldier's Requiem", Mosconcert

"Happy Oil-Week Maslenitsa" ,Mosconcert

"Paraskaz", "Integration-XXI century" school

"Kolyada's came" Moscow State Philharmonic, Chamber Hall

"Russian Christmas",Mosconcert


"Romances in letters", Mosconcert

'"Remember you in our songs" Mosconcert

"Song  of Songs of Yury Lubimov" Moscow State Conservatoire, Rakhmaninov Hall,

"Cock-and-bull-stories" Integration-XXI century school

"Vivat, Russia!" - Mosconcert

"Cock-and-bull-stories" Integration-XXI century school

"Russian wedding"- Mosconcert

"From folklore to avant-garde", Mosconcert

"Remember you in our songs", Mosconcert

"Our Pushkin", Mosconcert

"Cock-and-bull stories" ,Mosconcert

V Festival of traditional Russian singing in Vozdvizhenskoye

"Love images of Russian villages",Mosconcert

"Man lives - as grass grows", Mosconcert

"Spiritual songs" Cathedral of St Kozma and Damian, Zhukovsky

I.Stravinsky "Les Noces", B.Bartok "Falun" Teatro Massimo, Palermo, Italy

"Soldier's requiem" House of Cinema,Moscow

"Soldier's requiem", Integration -XXI century School, Moscow

"Love images of Russian vilages" Mosconcert at Pushechnaya

"True acsension is chant"(participation), Moscow State Conservatory

"From folklore to avantgarde",New Jerusalem museum

"Russian Christmas", Moscow school "Integration-XXI century

"Christmas songs", Cathedral in Zhukovsky

"Paraskazki" - 3-rd concert from series "Musical fairy-tales for children and their parents", Moscow                        Philharmonic,Chamber Hall

"Russian Christmas", New Jerusalem museum

"Russian Christmas", Mosconcert


"I'll sing long time"-concert dedicated to S.Esenin(participation), Moscow Teacher's House

"Songs of Russia", Moscow Teacher's House

"Soldier's Requiem" (Dashkevich-Kim), Actor's House,Moscow

"Cat lullabies" 2-nd concert from series "Musical fairy-tales for children and their parents", Moscow Philharmonic,Chamber Hall

Gala-concert of Festival "Music of Earth" Participation with the program of folk and author's music(Sviridov, Rakhmaninov), Column Hall of Unions House, Moscow

L.Desyatnikov-B.Shergin "Pinega tale", The Anniversary concert of L.Desyatnikov,Tchaikovsky Hall, Moscow

I.Stravinsky "Les Noces", "Renard" - New World  Symphony, Miami,Fl,USA with MTT as conductor.

"I'll sing long time"-concert dedicated to S.Esenin(participation), Moscow Rumina's Folk Center

"Cock-and-bull-stories", School "Integration-XXI century"

"Cock-and bull-stories" 1-st concert from series "Musical fairy-tales for children and their parents", Moscow Philharmonic, Chamber hall

Concerts to Day of Moscow

"Music of he Words" Moscow books festival, Moscow, Red Square

"Red Sails" Festival(particpation), Sanct-Petersburg, Palace Square

"Remember you in songs" (premiere)                                                                                               Pokrovskye gates center

 "Scarlet Sails" festival, Sanct-Petersburg, 

"Faces of Russia" Academy of trainig and retraining of teachers, Moscow

III-rd Festival of traditional singing in Vozdvizhenskoye

Night in Museum, Music Glinka museum,Moscow

Programms dedicated to the 70-th aniversary of Great Victory

"Love images of Russian villages", "Guslitsa Art-center, Moscow region

Charitable concert(participation), Cathedral of Christ The Savior

"Soldier's requiem"(V.Dashkevich- Y.Kim), Eldar cinema club

"What the memory keeps" dedicated to Yury Lubimov,Mosvow

Love images of Russia villages"Pokrovskiye vorota"Center,Moscow

Participation in the festival "Memory", DK Pervomayskoe ", Moscow

"There Lived a knight singing" memorial evening of D.Pokrovsky, Actor's House, Moscow

"Oil happy," School "Integration XX1 century"

 Festival "Maslenitsa", Britten Theatre, London

The festival"the Return",the Werther Effect(part),Rachmaninov hall, Moscow
Recital E. Smolyaninova(part), Eldar,Moscow
All-Russian festival-fair of folk culture(part),Sochi
The festival Tradition(part),Theatre of Russian songs,Moscow

"Respect to the singing"(A.Aigui-G.Aigui), Moscou Internationl House of Music, theater Hall

The program to birthday of L. N. Tolstoy, Museum-estate of Tolstoy in Khamovniki, Moscow
"Love images of  Russian villages" House  of nationalities, Moscow
Touring in Udmurtia(Izhevsk,ludorvai,Sarapul)
"Memory to master", Taganka Theater,Small stage
"Last love" choral Suite (Dashkevich-  Tyutchev),the Anniversary concert of Vladimir                             Dashkevich,Tchaikovsky Hall, Moscow
"Bright days" Church of the Saviour Semiactive in Mitino,Moscow
Easter festival in street space Moscow
"Man lives as  the grass grows ,the Taganka Theater,Small stage
"Last love", a choral Symphony (V.Dashkevich on poems by F. Tyutchev), Theatre, music and poetry , Moscow
"Love images of Russian villages" , the Taganka Theater, Small stage), Moscow
"Oil-week happy", the Israeli Museum, Moscow
"Songs of Russia", Pozhilino, Tula region (Academy project "New Peredvizhniki movement")
Participation in the Anniversary party of Vladimir Dashkevich, the House of Cinema, Moscow
"Russian Christmas", State Historical Museum, Moscow


Stockhausen "Stmimmung" , Platforma project, Vinzavod, Moscow

I.Stravinsky "Les Noces" with Michael Tilson Thomas, San Francisco Symphony, Davies Hall, San Francisco, USA

"Songs of Russia" Folk Centre of L.Rumina, Moscow

Festival of Russian traditional music, Vozdvizhenskoye, Moscow region

"Words about Igor's regiment" (3-rd concert of the subscription)


Participation in the project "Open Stage". Mystery-ballet "Talking Animals" 

Participation in the award ceremony "The Art Newspaper Russia" Moscow, Arena

"Love images of Russian villages" (from limericks to romance), Tsaritsyno Estate Museum, Moscow

Seminar-workshop "Contemporary folk singing schools", the State Republican Center of Russian folklore, Moscow

"Maslenitsa\ Oily-Week", the Moscow House of Nationalities


"Russian Slow Song"Chamber Hall of the Moscow Philharmonic (3-rd concert of the subscription)

"Paraskazki" (Premiere) Moscow International Performing Arts Center(3-rd concert of the subscription)

"Romance in letters" Panorama of Borodino,Moscow

"Soldiers's Requiem" by V.Dashkevich, Panorama of Borodino,Moscow


"Romance in letters" -(Premiere) Moscow International Performing Arts Center(1st concert of the subscription)

"Russian Christmas"Chamber Hall of the Moscow Philharmonic (2-nd concert of the subscription)

"Faces of Russia", House Of Scientists,Moscow

"Russian Wedding",Chamber Hall of the Moscow Philharmonic (1st concert of the subscription)

"Faces of Russia" Big Hall of the Philharmonic, Surgut

"Soldiers's Requiem" by V.Dashkevich with The Sanct-Petersburg State Symphony orchestra "Classica"(Smolny Cathedral, Sanct-Petersburg)

Concert at I-st folklore festival "In the country of the Siberian Lukomorie", KTC"Yugra-classic", Khanty-Mansiysk 


Participation in the concert devoted to the 20thanniversary of the Choral Theater by Pevzner., Pavel Slobodkin Concert Hall, Moscow

Participation in the project "Pushkin evening, newstyle," Arkhipovsky music room, Moscow

IV Festival "Academy of Orthodox Music"- Yaroslav's Court, Novgorod

IV Festival "Academy of Orthodox Music" -"Spiritual poems and epics songs" (State Academic Capella,St. Petersburg)

Participation in the concert subscription MGAF"Popular Music Encyclopedia," Concert Hall im.P.I. Tchaikovsky,Moscow

XI Easter Festival - "A man lives the grassgrow" (Tsar Alexey’s Theatre, Museum Kolomenskoye, Moscow)

XI Easter Festival - "Soldier's Requiem" Dashkievich-Kim(DC Tuchkovo, Ruza district, Moscow region)


"Epic songs", Chamber Hall of the Moscow Philharmonic society (3rd concert of the subscription)

" Love images  of the Russian villages" ", Moscow theatre on Taganka, Small stage

"Down the mother Volga",Chamber Hall of the Moscow Philharmonic  (2nd concert of the subscription)

"Russian Christmas", House Of Scientists,Moscow

Participation in  Eugenia Smolyaninova's "Christmas" concert,Tchaikovsky Concert Hall , Moscow


 "Faces of Russia", Festival of the Sollertinsky's memoire, Vitebsk, Belorussia

Concert in memory of Dmitry Pokrovsky, the Small stage of the Theatre on Taganka theatre, Moscow

"Love images  of the Russian villages"(from limericks to romance), Chamber Hall of the Moscow Philharmonic society(1st subscription concert)

Soldiers Requiem ("Kim-Dashkevich-Taganka"),Taganka theater,Moscow

"Moscow Automn" festival, Moscow House of Composer's hall

Dedication to St-Petersburg,Smolny Cathedral, St-Petersburg

Meeting on the Pokrov, Kolpino, St-Peterburg region

Moscow Merchants ,participaton in the concert with theOssipov's folk instruments orchestra, Thcaikovsky Hall, Moscow

Polka &Kosakenritt \Music der Volker\Brucknerhaus, Linz, Austria                                   

Starke Stimmen Konzerthaus Mozart-Hall, Vienna, Austria               


I. Stravinsky "Les Noces"(with Thomas Ades as conductor), Walt Disney Hall, Los Angeles, USA

From folklore to avantgarde (the 4-th subscription concert of the Moscow Philharmonic "From folklore to avant-garde",Gnessin hall Chef, Moscow)
Russian Spiritual Music(the 3-rd subscription concert of the Moscow Philharmonic "From folklore to avant-garde",Gnessin hall Chef, Moscow)
Russian Christmas (the 2-nd subscription concert of the Moscow Philharmonic "From folklore to avant-garde",Gnessin hall Chef, Moscow)


"From folklore to avantgarde"( III Festival of Arts "Con Brio", Central Concert hall, Volgograd)

"Faces of Russia" ( Philharmonic concert hall , Volzhskyi)

"Moscow Automne" Festival(M.Shmotova's "Reading Akhmatova")

From Folk to Avantgarde(Kaluga Region Philharmonic)

Russian Spiritual Music(Mariinsky Concert Hall, St-Petersburg)

Premiere of "Glory, Russia!" (the 1-st subscription concert of the Moscow Philharmonic "From folklore to avant-garde",Gnessin hall Chef, Moscow)

Opening a new season.Concert to the subscription of the Moscow Philharmonic "Cinema". music I. Yusupova (Hall Orchestrion, Moscow).

Concert at the openning of the "Another space" festival, (Tchaikovsky Hall,Moscow)

"Attraction of Akhmatova" (3-rd concert from concert cycle "Russian poetry in music" (Yauza Palace, Moscow)

"Love images of Russian villages" (3-rd concert from concert cycle"The man sings", Moscow International Performing Arts Center)

"Bow to Singing" (2-nd concert from concert cycle "Russian poetry in music" (Yauza Palace, Moscow)

performance in UNESCO, The Marvel of Russia  exibition, Paris, France

«Russian Christmas-tide» (2nd concert from concert cycle"The man sings", Moscow International Performing Arts Center)


V.Martynov "Night in Galicia"(with Opus Posth Ensemble),Concert Hall of Mariinsky theater, St-Petersburg


Participation in the 30-th anniversary of  "Winter Solstice", New York, USA

"Faces of Russia", "New Movement" project, Novosibirsk

"Faces of Russia', New Movement project, Saratov

The premiere of "Folk Poetry in Music" ( "Russian cycles" by Igor Stravinsky and the "Kursky Songs" by G. Sviridov). 1st Concert from concert cycle "Russian poetry in music" (Yauza Palace, Moscow)

The premiere of "Down by the mother Volga" (1st concert from concert cycle"The man sings", Moscow International Performing Arts Center)

Russian Wedding and Stravinsky's "Les Noces" with Thomas Ades's conducting ( Tonsattarfestival, Royal Philharmonic Hall,  Stokholm,Sweden)

Roots Folk World Music Festival /19th TFF Rudolstadt Festival -Rudolshtadt, Germany

"Night of St. John the Baptist " - Kolomenskoe museum, Moscow

"Vivat,Russia" - Lefortovo museum, Moscow

"Love images of Russian villages" Yauza Palace(Мoscow)

Opera Genesis Covent Garden work-shop ,London

"New Silk Road" Festival  Seattle, USA


 "The Man sings" cycle(3 concerts)Moscow International Performing Arts Center 

"Christmas",State Academical Chapel, Sanct-Petersburg


performances in Siberia(Tumen, Kurgan)

Pokrovsky Ensemble and friends (towards 35-th jubilee),Moscow

Pokrovsky Automn Festival ,Omsk,Novosibirsk

Evening of Futurism ("Night in Galicia"),Moscow

Day of the City,Moscow

Schleswig-Holstein Music Festival, Hamburg, Kiel,Germany

Gogolfest, Kiev, Ukraine
New Movement festival, Angarsk, Zelenogorsk ,Russia
Moscow House of Music, Russia
“Earthbeat-20 years later”-Tver,Smolensk,Chita,Novosibirsk, Ekaterinburg,Moscow(with Paul Winter Consort)



Helsinki, Finland (“Les Noces” with “Avanti!”Orchestra)
Moscow House of Music, Russia
New Movement festival, Ural,Russia
LSO StLuke, London, England(“Les Noces”)
Amplituda Festival, Moscow,Russia
Moscow Automn, Moscow, Russia
Territoria Festival, Moscow, Russia((“Les Noces”with “New Siberian Singers”)


Moscow House of Music, Russia
Rakhmaninov Hall,Moscow ,Russia
Aterforum festival,Ferrara,Italy
Glatt&Werkehrt festival, Krems, Austria
Symphony Hall ,Birmingham, England ((“Les Noces” with CBSO)
Philarmonie, Koln, Germany ((“Les Noces” with CBSO)
December Evenings, Moscow
New Movement festival, Penza ,Russia


Japan tours(with Paul Winter Consort)
Winter Solstice (with Paul Winter Consort.) NY, USA
Works&Process concerts Guggemheim museum, NY,USA
Europalia Gent, Belgium
Unorthodox Chants tour England


Dmitry Pokrovsky 60-th anniversary concerts. Moscow
XXV Winter Solstice with Paul Winter Consort. NY, USA


Dmitry Pokrovsky Ensemble 30-th anniversary concerts. Moscow, Sanct -Perersburg, Russia
Melpomena Tavrii. Kherson, Ukraine
Arrecife de las Musicas. Las-Palmas, Spain. (with Paul Winter Consort)
Goldstar Read SeaJazz Festival. Eilat, Israel (with Paul Winter Consort)
Berliner Festwochen, Berlin Philharmonic. Germany
Frankfurter Buchmesse. Germany
Germany Culturbus Tour
Gold Hit. Minsk, Moguilev,Belorussia
Winter Solstice with Paul Winter Consort. NY, USA


Time of Music. Viitaaare, Finland
World of Music. Helsinki, Finland
Valery Gergiev Festival. Rotterdam Philharmonic, Holland


Tchaikovsky Hall. Moscow, Russia
Paradiso Hall. Amsterdam, Holland(with NBE)
Radio Bremen.Festival .Bremen,Germany
RuhrJazz Festival. Duisburg, Germany
Tokyo Summer Festival. Japan


Millenium Concerts. Bethlehem,Eilat ,Israel
Berlin, Germany


Taganka theater, Moscow, Russia


850-th anniversary of Moscow. Red Square, Moscow, Russia


Berlin, Germany
Carnegie Hall, NY, USA
Winter Solstice with Paul Winter Consort. NY, USA