Movies and TV shows

"Line of Life", Russia-Culture TV channel, 2023

"Shabolovka,37", Russia-Culture TV channel, 2021 (fragment 1)

"Shabolovka,37", Russia-Culture TV channel, 2021 (fragment 2)

"Shabolovka,37", Russia-Culture TV channel, 2021 (fragment 3)

"Shabolovka,37", Russia-Culture TV channel, 2021 (fragment 4)

- "On the wave of my memory",2013

-film about Pokrovsky Ensemble by channel "my Joy",2011(spiritual program)


Fragments of TV programs

Interview with the Ensemble's artists at the "Russia" exibition, 27.02.2024

"Russia" exibition, Knoweledge-TV, Russian Christmas carols's master class, 03.01.2024

"Sviridov's art expeditions" KP Kursk, 27.05.2022

"EuroAsiaKulture" on MIR tv channel 17.01.2019

"Good morning" on 1-st channel 17.08.2018

"Good morning" on 1-st channel 22.09.2017

"Lessons of Russian" on Tsar Grad channel 20.03.2017

"No problem" on Mir channel 20/02/2017(from 0.15.00)

"Good morning" on 1-st channel 21.09.2016

"Good morning"on 1-st channel, 07.07.2016

-Festival "Music of Earth" (gala-concert's fragments)

- Festival "Music of Earth" (Culture news,2015)

- Boris Berezovsky's interview about "Music of Earth"(Cultere news,2015)


Recorded Concerts

Chant of circle dance (Mosconcert,2021)

Happy Oil-Week Maslenitsa (Mosconcert,2021)

Our Pushkin (Mosconcert,2021)

Word about Igor regiment (Kazan,Saydashev Hall,,VIi Abyazov Festival,2020)

Romance in letters (2020,Mosconcert)

- "Come you, larks!" Moscow philharmonic Chamber hall, 23.04.2017

- "Kolyada's come"/Christmas time/. Moscow philharmonic Chamber hall 15.01.2017

-Anniversary of Leonid Desyatnikov in Moscow Tchaikovsky Concert Hall 2015

-Charity concert in th Cathedral of Christ The Savior (from 1.17.20 till 1.32.33) 2015

-Anniversary of Vladimir Dashkevich  in Moscow Tchaikovsky Concert Hall, "The last love" 2014

Radio,events, photo

"Russia" exibition, photos from "From folklore to avant-garde" concert, 20.02.2024

"Russia" exibition, photos from Russian Christmas carols' master classes, 03.01.2024

-Culture Radio,"Acting persons" program 19.02.2021

-"Orphey"radio, "Expomusic"show 29.03.2019

Radio Culture, "Acting persons" programm,2016

Composers, performers, partners