"Oh, the path is a front-line road!"
is dedicated to the 75th anniversary of the Great Victory.

The epigraph to this program of the Dmitry Pokrovsky Ensemble could serve as lines from the song "Only at the Front" by A. Lepin to the poems of V. Lebedev-Kumach: 
"Who said that we should give up songs in the war? After the fight, the heart asks for music twice!"
Despite all the bloody horror of that monstrous war, it was there, at the front, that music did not allow the soul to harden, it helped a person to remain a person. It was where the best feelings and human qualities of people were tested, the song with its warmth , cordiality, sometimes light humor, heartfelt simple words, sincere native melody warmed the soldiers in short minutes of respite between terrible battles, instilled in them confidence that they are loved, remembered and expected. Listening to these songs, a soldier could rush away for a few minutes with his heart to that distant peaceful, bright life for which he was now fighting in a deadly battle. This clear difference between kindness and cruelty, between mercy and hatred, between life and death strengthened strength and hope.  After all, our grandfathers and great-grandfathers fought and won for our common future. 
And the song – it was always there.  Next– in the trench and on the front line, next-by the campfire, next-in a damp dugout, next-in the cab of a front-line driver, next-in a tank, in an airplane, on a ship, next-on all front-line roads. With a song, the Soviet soldier-liberator walked along all the front - line paths-roads  to Berlin.

The program will feature both familiar and beloved Soviet songs of the war years, and forgotten in our days.
These songs allow us, today, to mentally walk the same front-line roads of the Great Patriotic War and thankfully bow our heads before the daily hardest feat of the winners.

(In concert sound recording memories of witnesses and participants in the war
and the songs composers L Bakalov,a Novikov,V Solovyev-Sedoy,a Lepin,M Tabachnikov,I Luban,S Catz,I Morozov,M Fradkin,I Dunaevsky, brothers Pokrass,T. Khrennikov,V. Gusev,M. Blanter,B. Mokrousov,A. Alexandrov,
N. Bogoslovsky, A. Novikov, K. Listov on the poems of poets M. Isakovsky, S. Alymov, Ya. Shvedov, A. Churkin, A. Fatyanov, S. Vogelson, V. Lebedev-Kumach, P. Shubin, M. Kosenko, A. Sofronov, I. Frenkel, E. Dolmatovsky, L. Oshanin, I. Lisyansky, S. Agranyan, Ts.Solodarya, B. Laskin, A. Surkov, V. Lebedev-Kumach, V. Agatov, N. Labkovsky)