Directors of theatre, as well as directors of cinema, Dmitry Pokrovsky Ensemble involves not only originality and a variety of sound atmosphere created by it in space of theatrical performance, but also wide artistic possibilities of the actors. Therefore the Pokrovsky Ensemble successfully co-operates for a long time with many theatres.

As the musical adviser and vocal teacher Dmitry Pokrovsky with the actors participated in creation of performances «the Truth well, and happiness-is better", "the Oven on a wheel", "Funeral in California» (Director S.Yursky, Moscow Council theatre), "the Master of flies" (Dir. L.Dodin, Small Drama theatre, SPb).

Thanks to J.P. Lubimov’s support, since 1998 Ensemble is creative workshop of Taganke Theater. In performance"Boris Godunov"(1982, 1988) actors of the Ensemble have been occupied, and its repertoire was widely used. Dmitry Pokrovsky took the most active part in creation of this performance, had time to become legendary. The Ensemble also took part in musical registration of performances of Taganka Theater "Zhivago. The doctor", "Medea" (music record). Works of actors of Ensemble in performances "Marat and the Marquis de Sad", "Evgenie Onegin", "Antigona", "Square circles" became one of recent. The original is musical-sound decision of these performances is highly appreciated by criticism and spectators.

Music of one of disks of Pokrovsky Ensemble ("Earthbeat") has been used in performance of director K.Ginkas "Notes from an underground" (1988) on scene of Theater of young Spectators.

In the performances of Directors Valery Fokin ("Old-world love", "Tatyana Repina"), Alexander Ponomaryov (also "Present", "the Shaman and the Snow Maiden", "the Victory over the sun"), Vladimir Mirzoev ("Seven sacred of village the Belly") the Pokrovsky’s actors were involved.

In music to performance of Omsk Drama theatre "the Brother Tchitchikov" under N.Sadur's play (M.Shmotova's music), the festival nominated for the award "Gold mask", the big role is taken away to Pokrovsky Ensemble. The ensemble also has written down music and to M.Shmotova’s other theatrical works: performances "Creature" of Russian Drama theatre (Ufa), "Crane feathers", "Three sisters", "Love-book golden" Regional Moscow Chamber Drama theatre, "King-drozdoborod" of the Moscow theatre of the Mimicry and Gesture.

Works by current composition of Ensemble at theatre

Maria Nefedova

-"Warm heart" (2023,dir.N.Druchek, Moscow Regional Theater of Drama&Comedie, Noginsk)-development of a musical score and  folk trainig

-"Sanya, Vanya, with them..."(2022) (dir.N.Druchek, Moscow Regional Theater of Drama&Comedie, Noginsk)- vocal trainig, musical consultant

-"The Flea"(2021) (dir.A.Ponomaryov, Russian Academical Youth Theater RAMT)-folklore consultant

-"The Kings" (2018) (dir.M.Levitin, Hermitage theater)- actress

 - "The fourth hero" (2018) (dir.N. Shumilkina,Russian Academical YouthTeater RAMT) folklore consultant 

"Lady Macbeth of our district" (2013) (dir. K. Ginkas, Moscow young generation theatre MTYZ) and vocal training, music consultant

 - "The wise man stumbles" (2012) (dir. V. Mirzoev, Theatre on Taganka) – actress

  • «Antigona» (2006) (dir. Y.Lubimov, Taganka Theater) – actress
  • «Love-book golden» (2006) (dir. A.Babanova, the Moscow Chamber theatre) – musical adviser, vocal training
  • «Seven sacred from village the Belly» (2003) (dir. V.Mirzoev, theatre of Stanislavsky) – musical adviser, vocal-plastic training, actress
  • «Old-world love» (1999-2000) (dir. V.Fokin, an enterprise) – musical adviser, actress
  • «Snow Maiden» (1998-99) (dir. A.Ponomaryov, RАYТ) – musical adviser, sound score, vocal-plastic training, actress
  • «Tatyana Repina» (1998) (dir. V.Fokin, МTYS+ Avignon festival) – musical adviser, vocal-plastic training, actress
  • «A Pribajkalsky quadrille» (1997-98) (dir. N.Skorik, MKhAT of Chekhov) – musical adviser, a choreography, plastic training
  • «the Victory over the sun» (1997) (dir. A.Ponomaryov, RАYТ) – musical adviser, vocal-speech direction and training
  • «It was not a penny yes suddenly a three-copecks piece» (1997) (dir. S.Yursky, theatre of the Moscow Council) – musical adviser, vocal training
  • «Medea» (1995) (dir. Y.Ljubimov, Taganka theatre) – actress
  • «Governess» (1993-94) (dir. N.Lazarev, theatre of the Moscow Council, School-studio) – musical adviser, vocal training
  • «Blissful island» (1993) (dir. N.Shejko, MKhAT of Chekhov) – musical adviser, vocal-speech direction and training
  • «Savage» (1991) (dir. V.Solomin, Small theatre) – musical adviser, vocal training
  • «National Malahy» (1987) (dir. N.Shejko, theatre of Pushkin) – musical adviser, vocal-speech training
  • «Present time» (1986) (dir. A.Ponomaryov, theatre "Couples-odd") – musical concept, sound score, vocal-speech direction and training, actress
  • «Pushkin and Natalie» (1979-1982) (dir. K.Ginkas, theatre the Hermitage, МТYS) – actress
  • «Boris Godunov» (1982) (dir. Y.P.Lubimov, Taganka Theater) – vocal training, actress

Olga Yukecheva

- "Prince Vladimir" ethno opera (2023, dir.I.Matviyenko) - vokal training, actress

  • "The Kings" (2018) (dir.M.Levitin, Hermitage theater)- actress
  • «Square circles» (2007) (dir. Toni Harisson, Taganka Theatre) – actress
  • «Antigona» (2006) (dir. Y.Lubimov, Taganka Theater) – actress
  • «Love-book golden» (2006) (dir A.Babanova, the Moscow Chamber theatre) – musical adviser, vocal training
  • «Seven sacred from village the Belly» (2003) (dir. V.Mirzoev, theatre of Stanislavsky) – musical adviser, vocal-plastic training, actress
  • «Old-world love» (1999-2000) (dir. V. Fokin, an enterprise) – musical adviser, actress
  • «Tatyana Repina» (1998) (dir. V.Fokin, МТYS+ Avignon festival) –  musical adviser, vocal training, actress
  • «Month in village» (1997) (dir. A.Smirnov, Comedie Francaise, Paris) – musical adviser, vocal-plastic training
  • «Medea» (1995) (dir. Y.Lubimov, Taganka Theater) – actress
  • «Boris Godunov» (1989) (dir. Y.P.Lubimov, Taganka Theater) – vocal training, actress
  • Vladimir Korolev
  • - "Prince Vladimir" ethno opera (2023, dir.I.Matviyenko) --singer
  • -"The Kings" (2018) (dir.M.Levitin, Hermitage theater)- actor

 Marina Tcherkashina, Svetlana Dorokhova

  • Taganka Theater: "Marat-Sad" (1998) and "Evgenie Onegin" (2000) (dir. Y.P.Lubimov) – actors

Irina Shishkina, Andrey Samsonov

  • -"The Kings" (2018) (dir.M.Levitin, Hermitage theater)- actors
  • Taganke Theater: "Antigona" (2006) (dir. Y.P.Lubimov) – actors
  • Oleg Dobrynin, Mikhail Stepanich
  •  "Prince Vladimir" ethno opera (2023, dir.I.Matviyenko) -singers

With theatre also is connected activity of many actors which in different years were a part of Ensemble. Among them: B.Bazurov, I.Brazgovka, E.Vedernikov, S.Grigorev, M.Korzin, A.Kotov, O.Kuzjashina, E.Mazova, A.Partosh, E.Sidorenko, I.Smurygina, T.Smyslova, etc.