Creation of the unique musical environment helping better to show a plan of the directors in a film or theatrical performance, - work which cannot be overestimated. Dmitri Pokrovsky Ensemble, thanks to the unique ability to create the special sound atmosphere including not only execution of national songs and author's compositions, but also ability to force to sound space, always drew to itself attention of directors. For this reason Pokrovsky Ensemble is often invited for scoring of cinema, documentary, animated and television films.

Ensemble took part in creation of

  • feature films: "Farewell with Matyora" (dir. L.Shepitko – E.Klimov), "Dead souls" (dir. M.Schweitzer), "Kreutser’s sonata" (dir. M.Schweitzer), "Scarlet flower" (dir. I.Povolotskaja), "Father Sergy" (dir. D.Talanov), "Relatives" (dir. N.Mihalkov), "Yemelian Pugachev" (dir. A. Saltykov), "Cherry pool" (dir. A.Golovnya), "Men!" (dir. I.Babich), "Vassili and Vassilissa"(dir.I.Polavskaya), «Useless» (dir. D.Asanova), "Shoes with gold buckles" (dir. Jungvald-Hilkevich), "Dawns are kissing" (dir. S.Nikonenko), "Transit" (dir. V.Fokin), "Klim Samgin’s life" (dir. V.Titov), "Holiday at own expense" (dir. V.Titov), "Simeon Dezhnyov" (dir. Hussarov), "Yaroslav Mudryj" (dir. G.Kohan), "Mu-mu" (dir. J.Grymov), "There was a woman" (dir. A.Smirnov), "The Schism" (dir. N.Dostal), "Chinese grandmother" (dir.V.Tumaev), "Mirror"(dir.M. Migunova), "My best father" (dir.I.Shternberg), "Foreign" (dir.A.Scherbinin), "Palanga" (dir. A.Scherbinin) etc.;
  • television: "Skazy of the Russian North", "Dmitri Pokrovsky's Myth", "Playing Pokrovsky" (dir. A.Torstensen), "From folklore to avant-guard" (dir.A.Adarchev), "Voices of the old house" (dir. I.Kaljadin), 'Farewell to the Russian winter"(dir. V.Fenchenko), 1985,"The variety meetings of  composer Rodion Shchedrin" (dir.A.Stolyarov),1987 and etc., including numerous films for the educational channel about Russian national calendar holidays, Petrovsky edgings, revolutionary songs, etc.;
  • documentary: "Who's needed in the sails" ( dir. by the VGIC graduates), "Russian folk theatre" (dir. L.Kupershmidt), "the Melodies which have lived centuries" (dir. M.Merkel), "the Nature in danger" (dir. F.Pasternak), a film on drawings of Julo Sooster etc;
  • animated: "Frozen songs" (dir. V.Nosyrev), "Pushkin's Drawings": "I fly to you treat by my mind" and "With you again I" (dir. A.Hrzhanovsky), "the Magic jug" (dir. V.Tarasov), "the Straw lark" (dir. V.Novatsky), etc.;
  • documentary films "the Life. Autumn" (dir. S.Loznitsa and M.Magambetov), "Roads" (dir. Magambetov), winners Berliennale and the International festival of art and documentary films in Ekaterinburg, the actress and the director of Ensemble O.Yukecheva participated as the musical adviser; in the television film "Playing Pokrovsky" she was the co-author of the film director А.Тоrstensen, and in the movie "There was one woman" (dir. A.Smirnov) - a music producer;
  • film devoted to Russian culture, produced by BBC (dir. Semjuel Hikling), where the big role is taken away to Pokrovsky Ensemble.